Are you a Encore Bride?


How do you know you're an Encore Bride? Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette first published the term "encore wedding" in its 6th edition published in 2014.  When I first heard the term, I immediately thought about being at a Broadway musical; one of those performances you never want it end, and when it does, you want more.  "Encore, Encore..." 

Well, there it is...

An Encore Bride is one that never wants love to end...she's going to keep at it until it's everlasting.  Sounds optimistic ...sounds unrealistic...sounds unimaginable, but honestly it's the TRUTH!

So, how do you know if you're an Encore Bride?  Let me count the ways:

1.  You had a fabulous first wedding and marriage, but it didn't last.  The wedding was more important than the person you married.  Realizing that you have more wisdom since then, and you know wedding fashion isn't the priority, it's time to get it right with your new love.  You're an Encore Bride.

2.  You're career-minded; you've been "busting your butt" most of your life establishing a career, traveling the world, making a name for yourself, networking throughout the industry, and now, you've finally decided that you've done all you want to do, and now it's time to settle down with the one who appreciates, admires, and adores you and all you've done.  You're an Encore Bride.

3.  You've been married twice.  You have been engaged a few times.  You've even been left at the altar.  You've accrued debt.  You've cried.  You've been depressed.  You've changed and in the blink of an eye it happens.  You're in love again for the umpteenth time, but something in your spirit confirms this is IT!  You're an Encore Bride.

Might sound extreme, but the point is ACCEPT you're an Encore Bride and relish in planning a memorable celebration with the one!  You'll be glad you did.  And, just in case it doesn't go as for an Encore and perform again! 

Lorri Lewis