How Meghan Markle epitomizes the Encore Bride

En·core: a repeated performance...

Over 29 million people tuned into last Saturday's #RoyalWedding of #PrinceHarry and American actress #MeghanMarkle.  There has been much chatter, critique and comments on everything from the attire to the first dance song, but what's most striking is the iconic way #MeghanMarkle epitomizes the Encore Bride, or the woman who chooses to marry again, and what a celebration it was!

Here are the top ways #MeghanMarkle is the model #EncoreBride:

1) Many have talked about her#WeddingDress:  "I was expecting something else...", "I thought it was a little plain..."  "It wasn't what I expected..." "It had nothing on Kate's [Kate Middleton]!" EXACTLY!  An Encore Bride can wear whatever she wants.  The pressure of the "first" isn't there... and for someone who's about to become royalty, there are NO limits.

2) The#BridalProcessionmade the media daily up to the day before the #Wedding.  Despite #Markle's desire to have her father escort her down the aisle, despite many fans advocating that her mother be the one to escort her, #Markle walked confidently and proudly by herself before #PrinceCharles joined her to escort her to #PrinceCharming...umm, #PrinceHarry 😊

3) Finally, this #EncoreBride is completely enamored with her beloved, as she clearly showed when #PrinceHarry removed her veil at the beginning of the ceremony!! 😍

As Brittany Wong writes in a December, 2017 Huffington Post article,"10 Reasons Marriage is Better the Second Time Around," "You know what you want" and this picture says exactly that!

Congrats to the #RoyalCouple.  With the way your relationship began, evolved and culminated into this momentous celebration, I'm excited and thankful that you've set the tone for numerous #EncoreWeddings in the future.

Lorri Lewis