Step-By-Step Instructions to "The One"

Let's begin with the definition of "The One"...

There isn't one.

So, how can there be "step-by-step instructions" if there isn't one?


Here you go:

1.  Remove preconceived notions that you're going to find The One.

2.  Be open-minded that The One you have in mind (step #1) may not be The One you choose.

3.  Repeat steps #1 and #2.

Seems like pretty broad instructions, doesn't it?  Let me explain...

We as people spend a lot of time daydreaming, thinking and contemplating, wishing about The One - that person, that dress, that outfit, the Big Day, but think about it, in all your thinking and visioning, did you find The One? or did The One just suddenly appear from all that mind pressure?

Here's a scenario:

Pinterest is great.  It has a plethora of pictures and quotes that users save in various albums.  Most #Brides, who use Pinterest, have an album of wedding dresses, attire and accessories they envision wearing on their #WeddingDay.  However, when they try on those dresses at the #BridalSalon, she or it doesn't look like the picture on that Pinterest board.  What you thought would be your ideal wedding dress turns out to be the opposite; it was not The One.

Now, don't get me wrong.   Getting ideas of style, cut, length, etc is absolutely recommended.  You do have to start shopping with some idea of what you're looking for.  However, thinking you've found The One prior to trying it for yourself is a different story.  Instead of having preconceived notions, have an idea of what you're looking for - write it down, take pictures, but don't go in with this is IT!.  Keep an open-mind, you'd be surprised that your idea can have variations that are also very appealing.  And if your first attempt doesn't pan out, repeat steps #1 and #2 until YOU become The One.

There's no right way or formula for finding The One, but we can be assured that eventually we will find The One.  We MUST believe that we ourselves are The One, and then we can choose people and things that will accentuate our spirit, mind and body.

Lorri Lewis