Wedding Insights from an English Educator

Recently, I sat at a table of 7 English Literature essay "Readers," as we're referred to, and one "Table Reader."  Out of the 7 Readers, 3 were "seasoned" readers having been a reader for the past 7-8 years.  

What does all this have to do with my passion of being a Wedding and Event Coordinator?  I'm glad you asked...

First, we ALL had to work under the leadership of our Table Leader.  He was the one responsible for making sure we were on track, that we were marking our score sheets accurately, and ensuring our mental stability.  I view my role as a #WeddingCoordinator or #TheDirectHer the same:  I make sure everyone is where they should be, everyone is completing his/her task, and I make sure everyone knows what his/her task is to avoid any confusion.  You MUST have a coordinator who is "seasoned" and knows how to handle numerous individuals at the same time!

Second, we were a TEAM.  We were physically and mentally in tune with each others' needs.   Part of being a Wedding/Event Professional is surrounding yourself with other #creatives who you can discuss or brainstorm with like-minded individuals.  I'm blessed to have that "team" with other Wedding/Event professionals in the #MetroDetroit area and around the country, especially having attending the #SignatureCEO conference that allowed me to expand my network.  Get a Coordinator who has a great network, so if he/she may have not the resource, he/she KNOWS where to go get it!

Finally, on the final day when it was all over, we said our "Good byes" and "See you Later" however, we have a unique bond that will never happen again.   Just like #weddings.  For all the time we've spent together brainstorming, planning and coordinating, at the end of the day, it's a sad but happy parting.  We say our Good Byes but my couples are forever entrenched in my heart and soul.  You truly know you've had a memorable experience when you're sad to part from your #WeddingCoordinator at the end of the celebration.

I'm #grateful for  for the wisdom and all I was reminded of by this seemingly English experience that flows through #TheDirectHer experience.

Lorri Lewis