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Expert experience. Exceptional execution.

Expert Experience. Exceptional Execution.


Leave your vision to me.

The day-of is already filled with many people and tasks to handle; your "go to" person has to be someone who isn't a member of the family and / or of the bridal party. Encore celebrations require someone to handle all the behind the scenes details, so you can concentrate on enjoying the festivities!

No worries. I’m your fixer. I’m here for you.

I’m your wedding DirectHer.


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 "Everything You Need"

Planning a wedding weekend of festivities? This package is everything you need!

"Start to Finish"

Wedding rehearsal to wedding day - from the start through the finish line!

"Help Me Get Started"

Logistical coordination from wedding to the reception. Help me get this party started!

The “Grove DirectHer” Experience

As the Wedding Coordinator of Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church, a member of the team is already included in the church pricing; therefore, for an additional fee the experience can continue during and through your reception to ensure a seamless transition from the ceremony to the reception celebration.   






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Hey there, I’m Lorri …

I love working with those who’ve got it all together and need someone to come in and be the “It’s Handled” person to ensure a memorable, flawless and stress free occasion. I have found that many individuals have a vision of their event and how it flows, so I create podcasts, execute events and provide resources to provide an exceptional experience.

Since I’ve worked as an Educator for as many years as I’ve been a Wedding Coordinator, I pride myself on remembering names within 20 minutes of meeting someone.

My girlfriend still tells the story about when we were in college, shopping for our semester textbooks and she couldn’t find me. When she couldn’t find me in the stacks of textbooks, she eventually made her way to the magazine racks, and lo and behold, there I was perusing through wedding magazine reading up on the latest fashions and wedding trends. She said she KNEW then I was destined for a career in the wedding industry.

When I’m not busy working on events and weddings you can catch me:

  • Curled up on the sofa reading a book OR watching the latest Netflix series;

  • Traveling to places I’ve never been, like the 22 of the 50 states I haven’t visited;

  • Getting my makeup done and planning my next photo shoot with those I cherish most in life.

Last year, Fundera listed my best words of advice as one of the top 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs of Color, and I’ve enjoyed attending Creatives conferences networking with other event and wedding planners from around the world honing my skills in preparation for my next DirectHer client.