Episode 013: TAKEaways from previous Episodes


This episode HIGHLIGHTS the TAKEaways from the previous 12 Episodes of The DirectHer’s Take, including:

  • If you’re thinking about a Destination Wedding, consider having a Destination Wedding WEEKEND! For more details, listen to Episode 3 with Crystal Marie of Crystal Marie Events

  • If you’re unsure of where to start in your #WeddingPlanning journey, consider STARTING with a Wedding Coordinator who can get you started with the RIGHT individuals to bring your vision to fruition; listen to Episode 4 with Brandy Lane of Will U Party Events.

  • OR if you want to hear from a REAL life couple who are in the throes of #WeddingPlanning, you MUST listen to Episode 5 with The Happy Couple! I’m looking forward to their July, 2019 #Wedding

And there’s so MUCH more in other episodes!! Each episode isn’t longer than 20 minutes. Listen in and let me know YOUR TAKEaways!!


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