Episode 018: Wedding Professionals need P.D. too


Keeping abreast with wedding trends and networking with other professionals is important especially if you’re a wedding coordinator. One of the biggest conferences held for weddings is The Signature CEO.

Featuring high caliber speakers and professionals, The Signature CEO is the perfect haven for those working in the wedding industries. For years, The Signature CEO has been this congregation of business entrepreneurs, sharing their stories and tips and ensuring that you stay those steps ahead of your competition.

Joining us today to dive into professional development is the CEO and Founder of The Signature CEO and Perfect Planning Events, Tara Melvin.

Learn more about:

  • How her first passion, Perfectly Planning Events, came to life;

  • How she didn’t go through the 9 to 5 lifestyle;

  • What events are she aiming to do next;

  • What her most memorable event is;

  • What her usual time frame on her experiences in the weddings are;

  • What her pieces of advice in the planning process are;

  • Who you should tribute your success to; and

  • Why having a core circle is important.


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