Episode 021: A Moment with Ashley and Alexandria


Talking with Vinnie and Alvin McClure of Ashley and Alexandria’s Bridal Boutique has been such a privilege. From Southfield, Michigan, they have opened its doors in 2012, fulfilling their lifelong dream of owning her own bridal boutique.

They offer the luxury, elegant wedding dress for the chic, modern, couture wedding dresses and bridal gowns.

We can definitely say an Ashley and Alexandria’s bride is a woman of taste, and classic chic style.

Stay tuned to know:

  • how I met Vinnie McClure;

  • how her client call process is;

  • the price range of wedding dresses in the boutique;

  • what the boutique’s specializations is;

  • the kind of designers they work with;

  • how one of her clients said yes to the dress;

  • the challenge when clients provide pictures;

  • her perspective in getting the best experience; and

  • what to expect in going to Ashley and Alexandria’s Bridal Boutique.


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