Episode 019: Wedding Stationary Planning with LePenn Designs


Invitations have been an integral part of a wedding. With this, Le’Trice of LePenn Designs comes in.

Listen to today’s episode as we deep dive into the life of LeTrice LePenn. LeTrice’s magic is no doubt undeniable in turning your dream wedding invitations into reality.

Her passion and appreciation for paper and design has paved way to her success. From weddings to holidays, LePenn Designs is your one stop shop.

Tune in as we discuss about wedding invitations, stationery planning and envelope printing.

Join us as we talk about:

  • How she and her husband started their business;

  • What LePenn Designs are;

  • What to account in getting invitations done;

  • What their pricing plans are;

  • What’s her wow factor wedding-wise (hint: something velvety);

  • What materials suit your budget;

  • How her wedding was like; and

  • What pieces of advice she has for couples.


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